Shooting Sports Updates

//Shooting Sports Updates

Shooting Sports Updates

Welcome to our new website, where we will keep everyone interested in the Mineral County 4H Shooting Sports program updated. The calendar is quickly filling up with practice and events, and will continue to update after each tournament.

The archery program has 6 new archers and the shooting program has 1 new shooter. All the shooters and archers are working hard towards their goals. Many of the 4H tournaments are coming up quickly – most at the end of January and beginning of February with the MT State shoot at the beginning of March.

Both archers and shooters are currently shooting the MT State 4H Postal match, where they compete with other shooting sports kids across the state in different age groups and disciplines. The shooters have the CMP Postal and American Legion Postals coming up soon, which will give them a look at the competition from across the US.

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