MT State CMP Results 2016-17

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MT State CMP Results 2016-17

The State CMP match was held on Saturday Dec 10 in Bonner, MT. The State CMP qualifies the top individual and team to attend the Regional CMP in Layton UT.

For those who are unfamiliar with shooting sports, most national events are either a 3P (3 position) or standing only event. This, in particular, is a 3P event where each shooter shoots 20 shots in each; prone, standing, and kneeling positions. They then take the top 8 shooters and have a final. The final is shot in the standing position and is designed to put a little more pressure on the shooters. The crowd gets pretty rowdy and loud, clapping and shouting. The shooters all shoot at the same time and take commands from the range officer telling them to “load”, and “begin” their 50 second round. During the final, the scorers shout out their shooters score and the head scorer gives back any position changes, again adding to the pressure.

See below for overall results for all shooters.

Sporter Results:

  • 1st Place Howie Edison – 537 + 88.7 Final
  • 2nd Place Bailey Milender – 512 + 90.6 Final
  • 6th Place Heath Edison – 474 + 56.1 Final
  • 9th Place Molly Patko – 423
  • 11th Place Decker Milender – 412
  • 13th Place Payton Milender – 383

Precision Results:

  • 2nd Place Jonna Warnken – 582 + 96 Final
  • 11th Place Aiden Patko – 561
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